Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spring in Sydney

Despite the shithouse weather (nineteen degrees on Sunday - I ASK YOU) it is actually the very end of spring in Sydney. The Jacaranda's are in full purply blue bloom that seems to glow luminously in the evening twilight. Beyootiful.

I love it when the Jacaranda's are blooming. At work - which is a large university for those of you just tuning in - they say that if the students leave their studying until the Jackies are in bloom then they're up shit-creek. Spring time is also exam time you see, so whoever they are, they have a point. Right now campus is swarming with stressed out students and invigilators. Oh I love the invigilators. They sound so much like they should be toting large scary looking guns or something. The reality is, however, that they're all Enjoying Retirement and probably wouldn't tote anything more full on than a couple of cheese sandwiches and a good book - oh I Don't Know - what the hell do people Enjoying Retirement tote around? Tasers?


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Sami Lee said...

I remember the invigilators. I used to be so scared of them, though I don't know why. I'm not a cheater. Seriously. I just used to drop my pen a lot.