Saturday, July 25, 2009


The Bunker is finished. Done and dusted and off being torn to bits by various readers. Its occupied me fairly fully for the last month or so, and now that its off my mind for a while I'm catching up with the other things I love to do. Namely cooking and gardening - oh and my children. OH OKAY. Cooking and gardening.

Actually, I have been doing some reading to improve my parenting...

I'm not sure that its working - not the books fault of course - as every time I try to meditate I either fall asleep or get bored and remember something vital I should be doing. I KNOW I need to practice. But...

Buddhism for Mothers is a good book, and I do seriously recommend it for anyone with young kids. The advice about being 'present' with your children is so relevant and useful, also its worth reading just for the stories of embarrassing things other people's children do to them.

My drive for sustainability continues. We've reduced both our water and electricity bills, though not as much as I'd like. But progress has been made. I've also taken another step in loosening the grip of the supermarket on my life. Bought a yoghurt maker (more later). This has led to me investigating further dairy products I can make at home. So far I've had huge sucess with making ricotta (all you do is boil milk, add lemon juice, strain - too easy). Next experiment is creme fraiche.

I have been doing glorious things to the potato patch, namely spreading alpaca poo (courtesy of Jock and Pepe - Mumndad's alpacas) all over it. Which the dog is helpfully eating. BLESS HIM and my children who keep treading in the vomited up results. I love my life. No really.

See he looks cute. BUT HE IS THE DEVIL.

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