Monday, July 06, 2009

To sodding much to do...

Here is a list of what I have to do this week...
  1. Finish the rewrites for The (will this book never end) Bunker
  2. Update the website for the release of the print version of Secret Intentions - uh, tomorrow
  3. Do some blogging (tick :))
  4. Organise a fairy party (including godhelpme fairy food, fairy decorations and fairy games)
  5. Buy & wrap presents, and generally make a fuss about Miss four turning (holy crap) FIVE
  6. Send both children to pre-school in pyjamas (clean) for end of term pyjama party.
  7. Go and visit my parents - who are on the cusp of building a house and Not Coping
  8. Worry about my sister and her baby due in a couple of weeks. But shhh, don't tell her, she doesn't like it.
  9. Get the dog castrated (I'm not making that up, and I'm only mentioning it because I presently only have one pair of knickers left that don't have teethmarks in them).
  10. Buy self new knickers - for in case I get hit by a bus and end up in heaven trying to explain teethmarked knickers.

So, its going to be a busy week. Plus I've got a couple of catchup posts about my trip to the Food and Wine show and lunch with the divine Jess Dee at the Lindt Cafe. So stay tuned...

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Jess Dee said...


Did I happen to mention how many pairs of knickers I went through when Luigi was younger?
In afct, castrated or not, if I didn't hide the laundry basket from him, I would have a grand total of none right now!


Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Funnily enough you didn't mention that!! I am buying new, tall laundry baskets today!