Monday, July 06, 2009

Food and Wine Show

So. Last Friday hubby and I pottered off to the bacchanalian feast that is the Sydney Food and Wine show. Pic of booty... I have not attended the F&W show before. Generally I lack the motivation to even know when these things are on - I mean ffs its a miracle my family is cleaned and fed - what more do you people want. However, the knowledge that Kath and Kim's fave beverage is Chardonnay (and no doubt filling up brain cell space that should be occupied remembering what to do when traffic lights turn red) stood me in good stead and the loves at Kampai gave me free tickets for answering the question correctly.

OMG. Well, why did nobody tell me that it was an orgy of drunken middle-aged ladies, porky celebrity chefs and providors flogging everything from microfibre wipes (WTF?) to teabags sewn with gold thread by nubile nymphs living on Mt Olympus (well that's how much they cost anyway - and did I buy them? HELL YES)?

My first celebrity chef spotting was Manu from Ready Steady Cook, he was sitting in one of those vibrating chair thingys and talking on his mobile. I would've skibbled over for a photo, but had a nasty collision with a woman, two wine glasses hung around her neck, one slopping red wine over her left boob and the other slopping white over her right. Mmm. Classy lady. Anyway, she tottered off and fell over a garbage bin, and hubby and I got distracted by the absinthe tasting stand.

Needless to say at 60% proof I was shortly in no state to sneer at anyone falling over garbage bins AND owned my very own bottle of absinthe.

I can go no further without mentioning the chocolate.

So you take that stick, put the chocolate end in hot milk, then you are on a fast trip to warm melty chocolatly bliss.

Final thing that I loved...

Caramelised balsamic vinegar.


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Jess Dee said...

One question: Did you come home with red wine on one boob and white on the other?

Damn, that choc stick looks delicious. Mmm, now I want another real chocolate hot chocolate.

And BTW - cannot wait for our next visit to Lindt and Tiffanys. Have decided next time I will get the waffle with the diamond eternity ring instead of the ice cream. (Far fewer calories.)


Caitlyn Nicholas said...

No my boobs came home unblemished! LOL. I just stuck to the hard liquor!!

Excellent choice for lunch next time - how is hubby taking the news??