Thursday, July 23, 2009

We're all going on a winter holiday...

Firstly - MANY CONGRATULATIONS to my sister, who had my second nephew on Tuesday. Alex is a teeny weeny 2.5kgs (5.5lbs) but doing well regardless. My sister is having a couple of dramas due to the epidural and is suffering the mother of all headaches. So gigantic hugs to her and best wishes from all of us. WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU.

Anyway, enough gushing.

Leura. Alluring Leura. Up in the Blue Mountains, just a hop, skip and a jump from Mumndads house.

Oh sigh.

I'd like to say it was huge fun, but I was in the company of two children who were devastated because they did not see a mountain that was blue. Two days of "but I want to see the blue mountain. MUMMY. I. WANT. TO SEE. THE. BLUE MOUNTAAAAAAAIN. Waaah."

sigh. sigh. sigh.

They were excited. SO excited. So excited that they didn't sleep, and forgot how to behave in cafes (or public or private or anywhere). Places my children had tantrums...
  1. Car park at Echo point
  2. Echo point
  3. Car park of holiday flat in Leura
  4. Stairs of holiday flat in Leura (one on each flight - yes stereo)
  5. Holiday flat in Leura
  6. Leura main street
  7. Leura Cascades
  8. Leura Toy and Train Museum
  9. Loaves and Fishes in Leura
  10. Leura Bookshop
  11. Car on the way to Blackheath
  12. Govett's Leap carpark
  13. Govett's Leap
  14. Govett's Leap information centre
  15. Cafe in Blackheath
  16. Main street in Blackheath
  17. Non-stop screaming until they passed out at 8pm
  18. 4.30am Miss Five upset due to hubby snoring (tell me about it sweetie)
  19. 5am Passing train deemed to be thunderstorm
  20. Leaving Leura holiday flat (stairs and carpark)
  21. Most of the way to Norman Lindsey house at Springwood (mostly because the didn't like the sun OR the view was on the wrong side of the car)
  22. At Norman Lindsey cafe
  23. Norman Lindsey garden
  24. Car down to Nonna and Granpa's house

Fun times.

I'm going to go and lie on the couch in a comatose haze now...

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