Sunday, May 02, 2010

Autumn Day & War On Clutter

Early morning Autumn walk around the block with Miss 4 and bicycle...

Its been a hectic weekend. School function yesterday and fairy party for Miss 4 today, and now its Sunday afternoon and I'm wondering where on earth everyone's uniforms have got too (ie which layer of the dirty washing pile) and if I have anything to feed them for lunch tomorrow.


I've been doing quite a bit of reading over at the Parenting Passageway (they had a post about yelling parents... ahem.) Another post I related to was this one, about making your home a sanctuary.  In a few weeks we are doing a spot of decorating at our house.  The appalling brown walls so adored by the last owners are going, to be replaced by... well, I'm working on that, but not brown. New curtains, rearranging furniture, even painting over the acres of mirrored doors we have on the front of the built ins.

Here's Miss 4 aged about 18months in front of our brown, brown walls.

However, before I even think about starting that project, I need to get things in order. And so, over the next fortnight I have declared war on clutter in my house.  Superficially, things don't look too bad around here.  But I know what lies beneath, stuffed into every built in and chest of draws.

Its going to be a big, dusty job, and I'll be blogging my progress when I'm not too exhausted - did I mentioned I'm really allergic to dust mites? Yeah. That's going to make it super fun.


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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

But think how wonderful you will feel once you have got rid of all that clutter. I hope everything gets de-cluttered successfully

Anonymous said...

Yes, those brown walls have to go. Have fun decrapifying. Keep us posted on your progress.