Sunday, May 09, 2010

War on Clutter - Day Six + Mother's Day

Was the War on Clutter forgotten due to Mother's Day???

The answer is NO.  NO. All this Mother's Day malarkey does not just put War on hold - I mean does the Axis of Evil pause for Mother's Day?  Does North Korea Syria China the United States stop building its weapons of mass destruction?  Of. Course. Not.

There is no pause button for the War on Clutter - well apart from Day Three when I had a headache and felt a bit sicky - but that was different. Kim Jong-il Bashar al-Assad Hu Jintao Obama would understand.

Today, not only did I clear out the linen cupboard - oh okay, I basically threw everything in there into a garbage bag as no matter how many wet beds we get in a night we are not going to use any of the various sized mis-matched fitted sheets. I also took five garbage bags of clutter to the Salvos AND two green-bags worth of books to the library.

Actually I hadn't planned to do the dropping off bits today, but Miss 4 was getting extremely antsy waiting for a party that didn't start until noon, so I used it as a distraction - yes, I agree, my mothering skills are beyond reproach.

Now, I've given myself 14 days to get this war all sorted out - after all, the Cuban Missile Crisis was all done and dusted in 14 days, so why not my house? However, we are at Day 7 tomorrow and Not Halfway Through The House.  I wonder if they felt this slightly overwhelming sense of dread on Day 7 of the Cuban Missile Crisis?  Possibly.

I have mountains to scale people. Mountains.

I haven't even started on the toys, the kitchen, the pantry, the dresser full of china, and then there's the (OMG I feel faint) laundry cupboard, and the chest of draws I randomly shove wrapping paper and miscellaneous x-rays into and force the drawer shut again. Then there's another ceiling high bookshelf with things - THINGS - stored underneath it.  Not to mention...

The End Room.

Yes. There is a reason The End Room rhymes with DOOM.


I haven't taken photos yet, because I think its going to get worse in there before it gets better - and I want you all to savor the truly appalling situations that can hide behind closed doors.

War on Clutter. The offensive continues.

Oh and Mother's Day was great. Got three lovely cards, a blueberry bush to murder and brekkie in bed.  Am so loved. :)

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Farmers Wifey said...

As I'm a new reader, what is this war on clutter all you have a reason for doing this...or are you just plain crazy..or bored? As you can see I am completely amazed and jeolous and as I am currently living in a shed waiting for my house to be built, may I share in your decluttering??

Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job, Caitlyn!! Hang in there, you can do it!!!

belinda said...

Awesome follow through, sounds like you are doing a great job. Congratulations on making it happen. It always does get messier before it gets better. Thankfully once it is better at least things have a place making it marginally easier to keep things ordered.

Kind regards

Olive said...

Caitlyn, when you're finished there, come on over to my place....