Sunday, May 30, 2010

Holy Productive Weekend Batman

This weekend I tackled The Shed.  To say it was full of crap is a breathtaking understatement.  It was so full of crap that five hours of clearing it out yesterday and then again this morning has been deemed my 'first pass.'  Meaning that I got rid of a lot of stuff, but there are boxes in there that are still waiting.

Today it was a tough job.  I came across boxes of photos taken during my first marriage; wedding, honeymoon, holidays... despite that its been ten years or so it was surprisingly painful to go through them.  I think what made me saddest was to see us at the start of our marriage; grinning and happy, and then as it went along more photos of views, than of each other.  Maybe I saw more than was actually there, but it brought back a lot of sadness.  Maybe because I'd forgotten about that time, and now I remember it quite vividly.

I also found a notebook with notes in it we'd left each other when we were separating:

Me to him: "There's more of your bike stuff in the cupboard, please clear it."
Him to me: "I've rented a flat in Hornsby, here is the address."

I binned most of the stuff. Kept a few pictures of myself to show the kids - one day they're going to laugh a lot at the whole paisley phase.  I still have my wedding dress and wedding photo album from then - as that was, and always will be, one of the happiest days of my life.  Plus my first marriage was part of my history and I don't want to just erase it.

Speaking of uses for wedding dresses from defunct marriages, hubs put me onto this website recently . Uses for an ex-wifes wedding dress.  Very inventive.

Aside from all this highly emotional shed clearing I
  • sawed up bits of old cot into a chook ladder
  • tried to talk chooks into going outside - got ignored
  • persuaded hubby to DO something about dark green seething pool (it is now almost clear, yay)
  • washed 45 tonnes of washing
  • cooked
    • porridge
    • yoghurt
    • tomato soup
    • bread x 2
    • home made pizzas x 9
    • eggs on toast + bacon + baked beans
    • cheese on toast
    • bread x 2 (again)
    • chicken stir fry
    • rhubarb crumble
  • Planted
    • garlic
    • onions
    • artichokes
    • pansies
    • echinacea
    • fennel
  • interacted loudly with my children (ahem)
  • interacted loudly with the dog
  • pulled something dancing on the WiiFit
  • Ran the dishwasher six times
  • fell over the dog six times (at least)
  • walked to the shops and bought cheese (in the rain, with the kids, and the dog, and hubs)
  • talked at length to my mother on the phone
  • sent emails
  • AND edited The Bunker AND added words to Boys of Summer
    Am now feeling a wee-bit fatigued.

    Eurovision Song Contest. Here. I. Come. Let the chortling begin.


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    Quixotic said...

    Jay-sus lady!!! You put me to shame, Saturday I actually read a real, live book while GG attended a party with my cousin, and today we spent the day wandering around the D'Alliance festival watching magicians, listening to live music, eating hot chips and rocking out on bongo drums. Fun, sure, but not a constructive thing done all weekend!! :)

    Rachael Johns said...

    Ditto!! You are ALWAYS soooooooooooo productive. I did a few loads of washing, pushed the baby in the pram while the older boys rode their bikes, came back from Perth and put frozen fish in the oven for dinner!!

    PS. I think you've made a good decision keeping some stuff from your first marriage. My mum burnt all her wedding photos aand now really regrets it. And yeah... i would have LOVED to see them!

    belinda said...

    Wow, a whole lot of achievements in there.

    Kind Regards

    Anonymous said...

    Amazing amount of work done. Great job. Good idea to keep some mementos of the first marriage. I plan on doing the same thing. HaHa!!!

    Cate P said...

    I cringed as soon as I saw the word 'shed'. Have done ours 3 times in 6 years, needs doing again.
    Bravo on going through all the stuff from your 'previous life' and keeping some. It was real, it existed, it's gone towards making you who you are now.
    Just like all those pics of me with big hair and wearing leggings in the late 80's.... ugh.