Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rain, Chook run and spuds.

So, over the week or so its been raining. Its been raining EVERYWHERE (okay well around Sydney) except for one place. My house.  I've been sitting here, watching the weather radar ( and getting more and more crabby as massive downpours occur east of us, on the coast - north of us, so close that I can actually see the rain coming out of the clouds from my kitchen window, and the thunderstorms happening to the west.

Because I positively ooze with the milk-of-human-kindness I am honestly and completely glad for everyone else and their gardens (no really) BUT HELL could you send some over here?  Seriously there is no more miserable job than watering the garden when its ten degrees and there is a brisk southerly.


Other than that, lately I have realised that its about time I set a date for Miss 5s next birthday party.  This has caused me to climb into my newly cleared out closet, curl into a small ball and spend a week or so in my happy place - the one where there are unicorns, and rainbows, and Maggie Beer Ice Cream that does not make you fat.  Ah Utopia.  Its going to be in about six weeks or so, be filled with glorious new friends from school and I guarantee it will give me a nervous breakdown. Watch this space for ranting.

Winter Fairy Party. Here. I. Come.

Have been busy in the garden.  Was rather completely over the chooks destroying the garden, so have put together a run for them.  Despite the fact that they are refusing to go out there, AND the one time I made them go out there they all escaped within 5 minutes and trashed the newly planted broad bean patch, I am rather chuffed.  It is not pretty, with a lot of plastic mesh and cable ties, thus lowering to tone of the garden (yes, it could get lower, who'd have though), but it does mark out where the permanent run will be and it'll be great out there when its finished.

The potatoes are in fine fettle...

I put in more potatoes yesterday - under all the mown leaves from the Liquid Amber - and surrounding my very sad dwarf pears.  Yes. Appears I may have seriously misjudged chill hours for the fruit trees, and I'm watching to see who is going to go dormant, and whoever does not will get hauled out and re-homed at Mumndads - they get scorching frosts regularly through winter.

And, after a summer of dead and dying curcubits (pumpkins, cucumbers etc) one of my pumpkin vines has leapt into life and is having babies all over the place. Hum.  Not sure how well they'll turn out, if at all, but the vine is protecting the future Sweet Corn bed, so I'm leaving it be for now.


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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I'm glad when everyone else gets rain as well, but like you, would love to have some here (supposed to happen today).

When it's cooler I try to get out of watering the garden, I suggest to the Mister that he does it instead.

Marthese said...

started following your blog when I can..Melbourne did not have much rain this we had a glorious day..