Saturday, May 08, 2010

War on Clutter - Days Three - Five

And so the War continues.  Progress is as follows...
  • Day Three - postponed due to a stunning headache
  • Day Four  
    • cleared out Miss 5s built-in
      • threw out a lot of old and dusty bags, some not used since... well over ten years
      • found many single shoes in various sizes
    • cleared out kids bathroom - ew, less said the better
  • Day Five 
    • sorted out cook book bookshelf - so much dust and barely opened cook books (now off to local library)
    • tidied the cupboard where the vacuum cleaner lives
      • found an illuminating number of lightbulbs (he, he)
      • also four showerheads (??)
    • opened and examined linen cupboard several times - left it for another day (am not superwoman after all)
Also cleaned out chook pen and made lovely compost pile that was immediately rearranged by chooks, mostly into pool.

The decorating plans are hurtling forth as well.  Have picked out "Spanish Cream" as present colour for walls in hallway (I say present as last week it was Mademoiselle or Strawberries&Cream - or pink and less pink but still a bit pink).  Today I bought an armload of cheap photo frames from K-Mart and have selected some photos that I'll be printing out and hanging on the walls.

Many people have lovely professional shots of themselves adorning their walls, often in tasteful black &white with matching frames.  Not being "like the other girls" - a phrase which has followed me around my entire life - I chose frames that didn't match at all (apparently this makes me shabby chic - who'd have thought??) and have picked out photos, a few of which are below...

This one makes me laugh
So does this one - and also catches me how I usually look (shouting at hubby to do something)
This one makes me laugh as well ("ack, cow")
This was taken a couple of days before our wedding (its been sepia'd which is why we look so ill, I will un sepia it when I figure out how) - it makes me laugh as well, and also catches how I often look when hubby makes advances.
Actually, this one makes me all "aw, aren't they sweet, I really should try to be nicer to them."
And do you see The Green behind Hubs there?  The Green is the next project after we've got rid of The Brown.  Its not as bad as The Brown, but still, there is an unseemly amount of it and it really darkens a lovely light filled room.

Then we can deal with The Yellow.  Yes its worse than The Brown.


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Rachael Johns said...

You are really inspiring me! I NEED to de-clutter.
Absolutely fabulous photos!! LOL

Anonymous said...

You are doing so well - good job!! 4 showerheads? Love the pictures.

Farmers Wifey said...

Wow I love the war on clutter..I enjoyed reading it while drinking tea and doing nothing.