Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oh I'm so voting for Bulgaria

Finally, after a week of messing about and refusing to realise that they can get out of their home, the chooks have discovered their run.  Am most relieved as was slightly over them shouting at me every single time I set foot outside the back door.  They're also blaming me and me alone for a week of miserable weather.  Chickens I am sorry - but my seedlings are looking awesome - well the ones the wretched SLUGS haven't eaten anyway. Die slugs die.

Am flat out writing at the moment.  Boys of Summer is coming along nicely and I don't want to lose momentum, but at the same time have rewrites of The Bunker to do asap.  With school holidays screaming towards us AND a kids birthday party looming on the horizon (god. help. me.) ...  I just keep telling myself its going to be FUN.


Speaking of fun - Eurovision Song Contest. This epitome of culture is upon us once more.  Bless SBS for showing it.  I'm voting for Bulgaria (above), but only because of the white vinyl trousers with the zip on the outside, and the backup dancing men in mc hammer pants and silver body glitter.  Phwoar.  I am NOT voting for Cyprus because the singer is WELSH (with no silver glitter), also I don't think his voice has actually broken yet.

Finals Sunday night. :)

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