Sunday, August 15, 2010

Announcing Tory Hayward

What is going on with the blog and the website??  They appear to be All Over The Place - which actually is understatement of the week.


I am creating a new online identity and pen name.  I won't go into huge details (massively boring) but...

The blog (here) is now going to be my primary website for Caitlyn Nicholas (thus the new book related pages)

  1. Expect a lot more bloggy goodness right here
  2. Writerly blog posts are going up on the new website (they just didn't fit-in on this blog)
My new pen name will be Tory Hayward, and I'll be using it when I write in the thriller genre.  Caitlyn Nicholas will remain my romance writing name. (Just like Nora Roberts and JD Robb).

Funny thing actually.  You see, Tory Hayward is my actual name.  So not really a pen name (but let's not go into technicalities).

Woo.  Experiencing that nekkid in front of a crowd sensation right now. is causing me around the same level of grief as forwarding to blogspot. Am hoping to get them both sorted out tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Good to not loose loose your identity take care!!!