Friday, August 27, 2010

She's ALIVE (barely)

Well I'm still alive.  More or less.  I did actually die at some point on Tuesday, but then had to get over it on Wednesday because otherwise nobody would've fed anyone or taken the kids to school.

Hubs, being real man, was so sick on Thursday he had to take a day off work.  He spent this day off work lying on the couch and snoring intermittently - mostly during Oprah, which incidentally was about being regressed into past lives to cure present life neurosis.

Speaking of past lives, I have not been regressed into mine, or even hypnotised, but I do have it on good authority that I was Joan of Arc in a past life.  ('Unusual' friends, I love you all).  Having watched Oprah I have realised that this explains much about my present life, for example, my total aversion to being tied to a stake and set on fire, or my reluctance to go rushing into Places Of Worship waving my sword and shouting that I am a conduit for the Voice of God.

Still, I am rather thrilled about potentially being Joan of Arc at some point - I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Joanie. I'd like to meet her, give her a high five, tell her 'you go girl' and then do some sort of fist-pump action (and then run away quickly as she chases me on her charger and tries to skewer me with the aforementioned broadsword for being possessed by The Devil).

Also the fact I was once a true Saint is fitting, I feel.

I also have it on good authority (yes the same one) that one of my spiritual guides (or muses if you like) is Jane Austen.  Poor Jane Austen.  Can you imagine the woman having to follow me around all day and provide me with inspiration.  She'd be so Mortified she wouldn't be able to get a word out, and would be petitioning the Entity Who Allocates spiritual guides for a transfer just as soon as she could get the paperwork completed.  I do not think Jane Austen would approve of my language, driving skills, conversational topics with complete strangers, conversational topics with friends, and uncharitable mutterings about pretty much everything.  Can you imagine what she'd think about Mr Rabbit's budgie smugglers??

Anyhoo, I have digressed.  This post was going to be all about me enthusing over my asparagus crowns.
SEE!!  Asparagus crowns. I've wanted to grow Asparagus for forever and yesterday, the organic seedling lady at Hornsby markets took foul advantage of my being totally wiped-out on Cold and Flu tablets and sold me some.

Am deeply excited and spent yesterday night cross referencing all my gardening books on Asparagus (which is why I'm blogging now :))

Also am going to make that divine bunch of rhubarb into crumble with homemade custard for everyone tonight AND that cup of tea is at perfect drinking temperature.

Had best go drink it.


4 people love me:

Marita said...

Mmmm rhubarb crumble Nom Nom.

belinda said...

AAAwwww, rubarb. You're right that lady took advantage of your weakness in an unconscionable way.

Congratulations on your resurrection.. I have heard they are time consuming and involve dank caves, or something.


Tenille said...

I've just planted some rhubarb, and was very excited to hear that it's easy to grow (it will need to be if it is to survive in my garden!).

Keep us posted on the asparagus.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Joan of Ark eh? Where is Ark, I've always wondered..........