Sunday, August 08, 2010

Back to Basics Challenge - Week 3

What's happening in the garden
  • Sowing seed
    • Dwarf Beans, Climbing beans, cucumber, basil, sweetcorn
  • Planting
    • Leek border in front garden
  • Harvesting
    • Tatsoi, pak choy, lettuce, beetroot leaves
  • Observing
    • Cherry tomatoes ripening, broad beans getting taller daily, leek seedlings starting to come up
    • Egg total : 22
    What I've been doing
    • Planning for The Future
      • Thinking about moving pool fence
      • Pool electrics need to be fixed before weather warms
      • Trying to get blogging/writing time into a structure to stop feeling overwhelmed and taking time away from kids to fulfil commitments.
    • Working for the Future
      • Weekly menu plan - detailed weekly lunch/dinner plan, used for making a shopping list - working well 
      • A lot of writing stuff
      • New composting system starting to work well - and got worm farm up and running properly
    • Fun Stuff
      • Building Community
        • Attended kid's school ball - lots of new friends
        • Attending Jackie French talk at kids school
      • Learn a new Skill
        • Old skill reused: Dancing the night away, sipping champagne, feeling tired and seedy the next day and curing it with pizza
    • Becoming less porky
      • Present weight 75.8kgs (top of healthy weight range for my height: 67kgs)
    Week Summary
    • Third week of school, spent a lot of it finding socks, washing socks and losing socks
    • Weekly food shop under $200
    • Have got big possum out of roof - now living in possum box :)  Two little brush tails still getting in
    • Removed weed matting from sweetcorn bed, dug over and planted first months planting of corn - 16 plants
    • Twittered a lot

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    joe said...

    I truly enjoyed your post. I live in the USA I have 2 homesteads.I love both of them. I know what you mean about keeping busy. I just wanted you to know I can relate to that. It's the only way to go.