Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Chook News - Edition III

Drama in Hen House

In news just in, there has been a marked increase in swarking, clucking and Ill Humour coming from the direction of Chook Run.  Landlord and local F-list celebrity, Caitlyn Nicholas said, "I've been expecting something like this."

Further investigation has revealed a difficult situation.

An Australorp, referred to as either Pecky or That Wretched Hen; very warm, very cross and refusing under any circumstances to leave her nest.  

Broodyness has entered The Coop.

It is reported that in a moment of uncontrollable temper Pecky pecked the hand that feeds her.  Landlord and local F-list celebrity, Caitlyn Nicholas said, "This is my fault for letting the kids call her Pecky."

The situation causing much consternation amongst the other members of The Coop.  

Egg Laid On Head

Late yesterday afternoon Karen Francis Chicken (KFC to friends and family) whilst possessed by a desperate urge to lay an egg, was dismayed to find her favourite nest Occupied.  Much leg crossing, hopping from one foot to another and turning in circles ensued.

Squarking, pecking and bickering did nothing to resolve the situation. Landlord and local F-list celebrity, Caitlyn Nicholas said, "Oh like I can get chickens to resolve conflict, look how my children behave."

Matters were resolved without further intervention when KFC made herself comfortable on the nest with its vile tempered occupant and laid her egg, oblivious to the deep distress she was causing.

Sunlight a Cure

Landlord and local F-list celebrity, Caitlyn Nicholas said, "Dad, I don't care that your mad Grandmother used to sit broody chickens on a bowl of ice and put an upturned bucket on top of them, until they got over it. I am not doing that to my chicken."

Repeated referral to The Chook Book and other poultry references has revealed that broodyness is gently cured by sunlight and fresh air. An investigation into Landlord and local F-list celebrity, Caitlyn Nicholas's fridge has revealed an egg-glut of 38 eggs.  This dire situation goes some way to explaining her deep ambivalence about the fact that Pecky is not laying at the moment, and her final statement about the situation; "I think we'll let nature take its course."

Check back for minute-by-minute updates on developments as they happen.

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Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Hahaha! I've got one gone broody, I kicked her off her eggs the other day and then she attacked me! Came out of nowhere all fluffed up like bog brush and pecked me ,the bertch! I still got the eggs though! Best bit is I said to Joe to get the eggs yesterday....snigger snigger... he lifted the lid to the boxes..I heard him say...right you gerroff..CLUCK CLUCK...ATTACK!.. Ouch! you farking bertch! Was very funny, have to laugh doncha! ;-D

Mel said...

Sounds like I am missing all the fun by not having chickens!!

Veronica said...

Mine has just hatched her eggs and we've got 5 chicks. Thankyou Freecycle.

Anyway, she is the most vicious hen I've come across. Ever. I took her off her eggs about 10 days ago to make sure no one else was laying in the nest and despite having my hands covered by a jumper, she left me with bruises. BRUISES!

She's gotten worse since the chickens arrived, we had to nick a newborn chicken yesterday because it was in danger of dying and she was. not. happy. I've still got bruises on the top of my foot where she pecked me. She holds on like a dog and shakes the skin she's holding. Sigh.

I can report that the almost dead chicken is in perfect health this morning.

Miss 40 said...

PMSL..... Love it! xoxx

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Oh Sue, snickering away here. Good one :)

Mel, just think of the poo and the flies.

YAY Veronica about the chick. I LOVE freecycle as well. I've been approaching Pecky wearing leather garden gloves, so hands are fine. Feet in sandals did not fare so well, not from Pecky, but one of the Rhode Islands who took exception to my toenails. None of that hanging on though. OUCH.

Hey Miss 40. Thanks for the comment love Good to see you around and about :)