Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back to Basics Challenge - Week 4 & 5

Each week I take part in Belinda's Back to Basic's challenge.

What's happening in the garden
  • Harvesting
    • Turnips, lettuce, beetroot leaves
  • Observing
    • Cherry tomatoes ripening
      • Snow peas flowering
      • Watermelon, zuchinni, squash, tomato, leek seedlings making an appearance
    • Egg total : 22 this week, 16 last week

    What I've been doing
    • Planning for The Future
      • Blog changes, new website
    • Working for the Future
      • Weekly menu plan
      • A lot of blogging and online networking
      • Digging over tomato bed and getting it ready for tomatoes
        • Green manure jungle and compost pile
        • Jungle hacked down, compost spread out, wood ash from stove sprinkled, ready to be dug in
    • Fun Stuff
      • Building Community
        • Romance Australia conference
        • Active at Aussie Mummy bloggers, Essential Baby and Kidspot
      • Learn a new Skill
        • Old skill reused: grace under pressure
    • Becoming less porky
      • Present weight 75.3 kgs (top of healthy weight range for my height: 67kgs)
    Week Summary
    • Most of week spent staring at lappie coding websites, hating dotster and wondering how to manage three facebook accounts.
    • Rest of week spent driving too and from school, cooking, and ignoring filthy house.

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    Linda said...

    I bet you will enjoy those peas.