Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Apple pickin

It was the annual family trip to go apple picking in Bilpin on the weekend...
OMG We're going to pick apples, OMG let's run up and down and fall over
Why yes, I would love to pick all the apples for you and put them in your bag
Beautiful Sundowners
Yep, that'd be around 20kgs of apples just there
First kilo got dried
So now I have 30kgs of apples scattered around my house.  In hindsight maybe 30kgs was a little excessive, I've got one hell of a lot of peeling to do.

We've split them up as follows...

  • Blackberry and apple jam (lots, its our family fave)
  • Pie filling for x12 pies
  • Eating
  • Drying 
  • Apple puree for muffins etc
  • Bottling - ie, preserving whole apple slices
We went to Shields Orchard - a wonderful pick your own orchard, they're nearly at the end of their season now though, check their website for details


2 people love me:

greenfumb said...

That's the one I go to too, I love it - so rustic.  I got 25kg back in Feb and they're almost all gone now, I will get more next year.  I bet your house smells great.

Mel said...

Blackberry and Apple jam sounds so good.  I love picking apples.