Thursday, May 05, 2011

Teacuppery; The Tragedy

Its been ages since I posted about my Shelley teacup collection - must be eighteen months or so.  I've had a few new acquisitions, not as many as I'd like of course :)

We had a teacup tragedy a year or so ago, and I think that's why things have been quiet.  Its taken me this long to get over it.  We use my cups, and I'm not precious about the odd one getting broken, its going to happen and I feel very strongly that you should use the beautiful things you have, not just dust them.  However, this was a bit bigger than that...

You see I had collected almost the whole teaset of this design (Shape: Queen Anne, Pattern: Garland of Flowers in black)
This one had an accident before The Tragedy
I had them all displayed in on a corner stand, and one day the kids were making cubbies and pegged blankets to the the top of the stand.  One thing led to another and the stand was tipped over by the weight of the blankets.  The whole collection was smashed and all I've got left is a cake plate. However, I kept all the broken bits and plan to make one of those mosaic table tops (or something) so they won't go to waste.


But I still have plenty of beauties left...

These two are probably the least gaudy in my collection.  I love them for their sleek shapes.
Shape: Regent (Late), Colour: Blue and yellow
 This cup is a demi-tasse, which means its half the size of a normal Shelley teacup.  These were popular with Victorian ladies who wore corsets - as they didn't have much bladder room!
Shape: Regent (early), Pattern: Swirls in green

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Pip said...

Yes, I can imagine that type of breakage would take a long while to get over. I have about 4 teacup sets gathering plenty of dust, perhaps I should do as you do and use them, a cup of tea in a nice cup with a saucer seems more of an occasion than the usual mug of tea.

Kim said...

As a ceramist, I like to see people using beautiful cups. The idea of using handmade works of art on a daily basis pleases me. A friend of mine made a mosaic wall piece using broken teacups as tiny planters for cacti, it is very lovely.

Kathryn Hetherington said...

Oh dear, I would've been heartbroken! I have a lovely collection of old teacup sets, although they are all different makes. One day I'd like a whole service for occasions that call for it, but the eclectic mix I currently have is lovely in it's own way.

Mel said...

I love the smaller cups - they are so cute.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

I like a mixed set, then everyone can choose their favourite. Its half the fun of having them :)

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

I still love a big mug of tea, especially when I'm wandering around the garden with it. But the teacups are nice for sitting at my desk, and making it look all elegant :)