Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Finished in the nick of time

Two happinesses today...
Flat stitch sampler
1. Have been sewing like a fiend for my Embroiderer's Guild course.  My first assignment - two surface stitch samplers, is finally finished.  Due Saturday, so in the nick of time.  Colour washed out in photo am afraid, they're much more vibrant in real life.  So happy I've taken another step towards passing the course :)
Loop, knot and chain stitch sampler 

2. Been doing a bit of book downloading on the kindle...

- Entangled Publishing has just put out Love Knows No Bounds, the proceeds of this anthology will go towards Autism research.

- My dear friend, the deelicious Jess Dee has just released her latest novel Office Affair

I love a book that supports Autism, and I love it when a mate releases a book :)

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Imelda_Evans said...

Beautiful, Caitlyn! Didn't know you were a stitcher!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Thank you :) And yes, love my stitching, but not quite as much as writing! I adore cross-stitch, but am trying to branch out with this Embroiderer's Guild course.