Monday, May 14, 2012

Six Frickin Years

15th May 2006. The day I started blogging.

This week I enter my seventh year of blogging.  I also enter my ninth year of marriage. Clearly it is a week of milestones.

Bits of me have changed a lot over the last six years.  Like my bottom, it got very big, then small, then less big, then small again.

Other parts have stayed the same.  Take this morning for example... having poured a cup of warm tea over my laptop and my lap I make a swift exit from the shopping centre, a box of cupcakes clutched in my hand.  Who do I meet, with my damp crotch and high fat treats? My weightwatchers leader.  Sigh.

I cannot fully describe how blogging has changed over the years.  I'm proud that I was there, in the beginning, before the term Mummy Blogger had even been thought of.  Back then it was my own little idiosyncrasy.  Now its a cut throat world of narkiness and PR agencies.  Don't get me wrong, there is an abundance of awesome lady bloggers out there.  But its got commercial and competitive, and that can sometimes leave a sour taste.

When I started there were no programs telling you your blog statistics. No function for comments. Google didn't own blogspot. You couldn't post photographs easily. Facebook and Twitter were just beginning. Chat loops were the go, Yahoo groups was the place to be, and Myspace.  Everyone was on Myspace. No iPods, iPads, iPhones or Macbooks...

And I was being told by established author after established author that e-publishing was a waste of time.

A total waste of time.

Luckily I've got a really really stubborn streak.

So I wanted to say thank you to you, my readers.  For six years of visiting my blog.  I have no idea how many people have drifted by in the last 2190 days.  Thousands without doubt.  I appreciate the time you've taken to read my musings, ranting, moanings.  The commenters who made me laugh. The give away winners. Everyone.  Thank you.

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dixiebelle said...

Congratulations! Awesome work, I say. I just had my 4 year blog anniversary (totally forgot about it, actually) and was reflecting on how much has changed in that time... so 6 years and having being there at the start, you are a legend. I get you on the professional blogging aspect that seems to be thriving so much.

Veronica said...

Thank you for writing. I'm nearly at five years myself and you're right, the landscape has changed an awful lot. 

Sonia@ LIfe Love and Hiccups said...

Wow 7 years - that is a huge milestone (and so is the 9 years of marriage of course :) Congratulations on riding the wave. Being only knew to blogging myself I know no different,but I agree, it can be a difficult landscape at times to navigate. xx