Saturday, May 05, 2012


Yesterday I had no happinesses.  Nope, not a one. Couldn't have thought one up if I'd tried.  Which I didn't.

I had many irritables, as anyone who follows me on twitter will know.  The consensus was that I should go and find a bridge to live under, and god-help any goats that might try to cross it.  If there were worms under the bridge, that would've helped too.

Anyhoo, being a perky sort (LOL) I bounced back today, and so today's happinesses are as follows...

1. Miss 6s toothache was not an abscess, hole or anything else dire - and was easily fixed by the dentist this morning with the minimum of fuss.  (One tooth is being pushed up by the adult tooth below it, causing pain when bitten on - he sanded it back a smidge and now its all good)
2. The Dog's sprained back has improved enough that he can now lick his nether regions. Huzzah.
3. I spent most of today at the embroider's guild, and look, I stitched a squirrel...

See, squirrel
Its done in an Italian style called Assisi
Also managed to sew a straight black line, am very proud of my line

And made me a bookmark.
Yep, very sad I use a Kindle now

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