Sunday, May 06, 2012

May or may not have pee-d

The Culprit

Today's main source of happiness has had unexpected and dire consequences.  You see I gave Miss 6s bedroom an Autumn clean, and whilst fluffing up her vast soft toy collection I started to sneeze.  I sneezed so long and so hard that I've hurt my back and pulled my stomach muscles. I may also have pee-d, but I was too busy sneezing to figure out if I actually did or didn't.


Needless to say every single soft toy in the house has now been through a long wash and into the dryer at a high temperature to kill every single dust mite in there.


But, over six hours later and on antihistamine, I'm still sneezing.  Waaaaaaaachoooooo.  Waaaaaaaachoooooo.  Waaaaaaaachoooooo.

Still, I'm extremely happy that her room is now spotless and dust-free.


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