Monday, May 07, 2012

Total Mummy Win

I cannot describe how awesomely I won today.  I'm still swept away by it.

You see, it was a day of maniacal dashing around.  Even I, with my penchant for goal setting (LOL) and punctuality (LOL!LOL!) was thinking I'd bitten off more than I could chew.  We have one of our cars off the road for the time being (a boring tale of unbalanced wheels and a tyre so bald it'd put Bunsen here to shame -
Bunsen the Muppet
its so far gone we need to switch it with the spare before we drive again - seriously, that bad, but only one tyre, the other is fine)

Anyhoo. Down a car, hubs due in Balkie Hills at 2pm for an appointment of undisclosed length, me due to fetch kids at 3.30pm and kid dentist appointment at 4pm.  With 15ks of the busiest road in the state in between (Pennant Hills road).

I'm thinking that this has the potential to go horribly wrong.

1.31pm Arrive Balkie Hills

2pm Hubs heads to appointment - deal is that if he isn't out by 2.50pm I will go to get kids and come back (nightmare scenario involving massive driving with tired hungry kids on horrid road)

2.03pm Bored. Ring mother - get told unsettling tales of puppy poo, baby snakes nests, infected alpaca eyes and other lovelinesses

2.31pm Get off phone, check twitter, fb and emails on phone
2.32pm Think about walking up hill to get coffee
2.42pm Realise that hubs had better be out soon
2.50pm Chew nails in froth of indecision
2.55pm Stare in rear vision mirror willing hubs out of building and into car
2.57pm Start engine, phone rings, hubs appears

3pm Exit Balkie hills without getting lost OR being converted to Hillsong-ism
BUT Need to make 35min trip in 30mins.

3.29pm Arrive at school adhering to speed limits At All Times (as if I'd speed)
Park somewhat illegally in staff car park spot, get smile and cheery wave from Deputy Head (PHEW)

3.40pm Everyone, plus cello, two tennis rackets, library bags, school bags, sports bags and a scrunched up bit of paper about an excursion into car

3.45pm Tackle motorway and more vile traffic

3.55pm Arrive dentist ON TIME, nearly faint at the unbelievableness of it all

4pm Miss 7 in dentist chair, hubs and Miss 6 in supermarket
4.14pm Laugh loudly at inappropriate text message sent by hubs, startling dentist and earning reproving look from dental nurse - then Dentist smiled, and told me Miss 6 needs to see an orthodontist asap. sigh.

4.30pm Arrive home to dinner in slow cooker and large glass wine

Huzzah.  I made it.

That's my happiness for today :)

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Jennifer Arlin said...

We've all had days like that - your hubby's text, whatever it was, made me laugh too, because I've been there as well and received those disapproving stares.  Congratulations on a day well lived!

Kristy@SeeMyFootprints said...

yay for 'makin' it' today :)  Fabulous when it just manages to be pulled off... but not so that you reckon you'd risk it regularly huh lol