Saturday, October 31, 2009

All done bar the cleaning up.

Party went spectacularly well. Here we are about to embark on singing and cake cutting - alas I have my fake nose around my neck and so it looks like I have a very unfortunate goiter rather than being wicked witch of the west.

The boys bending over the yellow bucket are apple bobbing - surprisingly we didn't drown anyone - and once the kids got the hang of grabbing the apple stem in their teeth they had it all mastered.

The sack race and the eyeball-and-spoon races were hilarious. Had to overlook much cheating - kids today - I despair!!

But the best bit was the end.  Door-to-door trick or treating is not a big thing in Australia, but the kids had all heard about it and wanted to give it a try.  So I set up three adults to be victims (myself included) and let them have free rein.  Within five minutes I was soaked to the skin and covered in a thick layer of glitter.

Glitter itches like you would not believe.  That is my principle lesson for today.

There was much laughing and running around and a lot of lovely things eaten and it was just a wonderful day.

Can't wait for next year :)

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