Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hug him or Strangle him...

Yesterday I was having one of those afternoons where you're doing six things at once, and  hitting the point of multi-tasking overload as the kids hit witching hour.  Just one more thing would send the entire house into meltdown.  So enter Sebby...

He was lying in his fave spot on the rocking chair - where he can keep an eye on things in the kitchen and be on hand to bark at anyone that needs barking at in the street - when out of the blue he started yelping in pain. We were at a loss and could only think that he'd eaten something - lego, another one of barbies shoes - and it was giving him a terrible tummy ache.  He calmed quickly, but it so obvious things weren't right, his body language was saying that he was in serious pain, tail tucked between his legs, head down, panicky eyes.  It was horrible.

To see how he would react I offered him a tiny piece of chicken and then when he rejected that, some bacon. He tried to eat but could only hold the food in his mouth, and that was when I got really really scared.
Its been nearly a year since we lost our little spaniel Ella to a tick. I've been thinking of her lately as her rose is looking totally awesome atm.

So understandably when Sebby couldn't swallow and was moving strangely the first thing we thought was that he'd got a tick.  Cavaliers rarely survive ticks, they're more susceptible to the poison and so when we rang the vet we were so distressed that she could barely understand us.

Bless her, she dropped everything and rushed back to her surgery to meet hubby only twenty minutes later, whilst I fretted quietly at home.  The kids were oblivious - it was confusing enough for them when Ella died and we felt it best to wait how this one turned out before telling them what was going on.

Now Sebby has the unusual past-time of catching bees.  He scuttles around the garden pouncing on them, I've told him and told him that it'll end badly, but he hasn't been listening.  Hubby rang from the vet to say that Sebs had a bee sting lodged in his tongue and his throat and mouth were swelling up.  They knocked Sebs out, removed the bee sting and dosed him up on antihistamine and then home he came.  Where he spent the rest of the evening wobbling around stoned out of his little pea brain.

Yes, so to hug him or strangle him... I still haven't decided.


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