Sunday, October 04, 2009

Spring Harvest

Today I have been harvesting things in the garden.

Onions - on the left - planted by Miss 3.5 several months ago by accident, they've actually come up quite nicely.
Painted Lady Sweet Peas - the pretty pink flowers, picked for no good reason except they smell divine.
Rosemary - big pile of green stuff at the back - it'd overgrown and was completely covering my oregano so I hacked the crap out of it. It is now drying in my vege dryer and making the house smell like roast dinner
Lemon verbena - front left, being dried to make tea
Oregano - front centre, being dried to go in spag bol
Leeks - on the right, being used in various meals this week (leak and spud soup, chicken & leek spies etc)
The bundle of greenery in the centre is thyme - also being dried for later

So there you have it. We've finally had some decent rain, and so I've been stomping around the back garden squashing wretched snails in revenge for whoever it was that ate my cucumber, chamomile, and pak choy seedlings. Vengeance is mine, RAAARGH, etc, etc...

Next up planting zucchini and squash. :)

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