Sunday, October 18, 2009

What Goes Around...

I joined the Hornsby group of Freecyclers a few months ago, and I love getting the regular newsletter in my inbox telling me what people are giving away or what they want... from concrete slabs, to beds, to unwanted power tools, to sushi making sets.

A few weeks ago a lady up the road asking for egg cartons caught my eye.  I compulsively collect egg cartons, but since three of Mum's four chickens fell victim to predators (eagles and foxes) my boxes are no longer in demand.  So I had a pile of five next to the front door.

As soon as I saw her request I whizzed off an email and by lunchtime Miss 3.5 and I dropped off our boxes.  Then, this morning we found these eggs on our doorstep with a thank you note.

How awesome is that? :)

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