Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Party prep

Been cooking up a storm.  Preparations for The Halloween Party are ticking along.

This morning I have (LOOK, list)...
  1. Made thirty jelly cups... just have to add the green custard,

2. Baked twenty-seven cup-cakes. Yes there was enough batter for thirty cup-cakes but I was doing it with a three-year-old helping... well that's my story and I'm damn well sticking to it. Why? What are you saying?

How cute are these patty pans.  This is one of the three left-overs.

3. Did have a total and utter sausage roll disaster tho.  Not only did they come out tasting horrible and bland, but also I was not confident about the freshness of the meat.  It tasted fine, but I just wasn't happy about the fact I'd be freezing and thawing again.  Yes, thirty odd food poisoned pre-schoolers. Nightmare.

So turned it into a gigantic spag bol

And am having a finger food rethink.

All with the help of Miss 3.5, plus maintaining two conversations on messenger, tweeting, and being updated about the progress of the cattle yards at Mumndads by hubby.


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