Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Survived the hairdresser and the kindi orientation.  Hairdresser was as expected with conversation as predicted yesterday. HOWEVER with one small, tiny, teeny-weeny difference.  The hairdresser had cut a small boy's hair before me, and had made the charming discovery he had NITS.

I was assured that all precautions had been taken, but as one who got pregnant whilst using birth control I know that sometimes all the precautions in the world are still not enough.

Here's a photo of the new do - this is the longest I've had my hair for years and years.  That small child is pulling faces and admiring herself on the screen.

The kindi orientation was wonderful. I'm so excited about the kids new school.  Today Miss 5 had actual lessons (French - yes French, and Music) and hubby and I listened to talks on how children learn and building resilience and self-esteem in girls. 

I'll blog more about it later, as there were some wonderful ideas, but I'm too tired to put them together comprehensively. Its been a long hot day and right now the wonderful sax player down the way is practicing and the sound is drifting in the open window on a cool breeze. I'm going to go and enjoy it.

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Kirsty C said...

Nice 'do, Cait!

I loooove having a great haircut. If your hair's looking good, you can take on the world.

Sami Lee said...

Hair looks great Cait. I just had to fill out forms for Princess's school for next year, her after school care and forms for Cherub's daycare as well. I'm with you. I hate forms, they are the devil.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Thanks you guys :)