Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back to Basics Challenge - Week 10

What's happening in the garden
  • Moon and Stars watermelon seedlings (above), rockmelon seedlings, got grapes and apricot into the ground, tomato seedlings, basil, cos lettuce, other lettuces

  • Swede, broccoli, potatoes, lettuce
  • Teeny weeny beans on broad beans
  • Blackfly on onion, powdery mildew on snow peas, ants stealing avocado pollen - all dealt with organically.  
  • Citrus in front garden laden with flowers
Egg total : 12

What I've been doing
Planning for The Future
  •  getting together plan for drip watering system
Working for the Future
  • Weekly menu plan, budget
Fun Stuff 
Building Community
  • In-laws all present and accounted for, dinner out with mother's group
Learn a new Skill
  • Old skill reused: Cooking for a crowd 
Becoming less porky
  • Present weight 73.2kgs (top of healthy weight range for my height: 67kgs) 
Week Summary
  • School holidays have arrived along with overtired cranky children
  • Have spent more time in supermarket than garden

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Veronica said...

Wait, you're doing tomatoes already?! Damn my tassie weather, I won't have tomato seedlings in until late November when the very last of the frosts finish (we've had snow in the first fortnight of Nov before). Sigh.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Yes, BUT you can grow great apples AND did you see the bit where I said...
'Blackfly on onion, powdery mildew on snow peas, ants stealing avocado pollen' argh.
AND I didn't even mention the slugs and snails that don't get killed by frost so are a huge problem...
AND, we cant grow up here from December - end January at all - too hot.
So, maybe you get tomatos later, but there are some great advantages to a cold climate garden :)