Thursday, September 30, 2010

Inside Tumut Library

So have found Wend, and am now tucked in comfy chair with laptop and dongle, waiting for closing time.  I had no reason to mention computer dongle then, except I always find utter glee in the word dongle.
Tumut Library. A bustling hive of bustling.

Next is a trip to Woolies (getting milk), and then the saleyards (meeting with person about sales tomorrow, or something, I just follow around now...) and then home to Wend's place. Where, I have been assured that we can park the X-trail in such a way as to make sure that cows do not lick the windows.

But I WANT cows to lick the windows. The X-trail needs cow-lick cred, also they may have better luck with 450km worth of stuck on bugs than the windscreen wipers.

Am pretty sure will be off radar, phone and internet coverage wise, in very near future. I know. Deep breaths.

Deeeeeep breaths.

3 people love me:

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Is there a place called Dingle? Where they might have a scarecrow, then you can Dingle dongle scarecrow!

Fi said...

Dongle dongle dongle!

Sounding like quite the epic roadtrip you're having there...

Anonymous said...

Dongle - say it 5 times fast!! Sounds like you are having a great time. Good luck getting the cows to clean your windows.