Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random conversations yesterday

Walking past busy park to the car, with hands full of shopping bags, two cushions, and a shoe box filled with stuffed toys:
Miss 4: "Is that where babies come from."
Lunges to grab part of me where, indeed, babies did come from.
Me: "Argh." As I overbalance trying not to trip over Miss 4 or wipe her out with a shopping bag.  Drop cushions etc, which is good because they... er... cushion me as I land, quite gracefully on the pavement.
Miss 4, watching as I pick myself up: "Can we plant sweetcorn when we get home?"

Miss 6 around 2am: "I wet the bed."
Hubs gets up and does the sheet change. No biggie.
Miss 4 around 7am: "I wet the bed."
Me from near the teapot in the kitchen: "Snuggle in ours, no biggie."
Miss 4 around 7.03am: "I wet your bed."
Me, thinking about how last time we changed the sheets the mattress protector was still damp and we left it off: "Whose side were you on?"
Miss 4: "Daddy's"
As I pour a cup of tea. "No biggie."


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Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

lmao! Haha!:D

Anonymous said...

Too funny!!

Kamarine said...

That's awesome.
I've been like that before.... 8month old had a pee blow out on his side of the bed. It dried before he got home. He never knew! Ahem.
(It was covered by his pillow anyway)

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Thanks Sue, thanks Mel.

LOL Kamarine!!