Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sunflower Challenge and Climate Watcher

Landcare Australia have kicked off a program called Climate Watch and are...
"... asking all Australians to become citizen scientists as part of Landcare Week 6 - 13 September, 2010." 
I have signed up, and henceforeth wish to be addressed as Citizen Scientist, and if you could throw in a salute or something, that'd be good too.

Despite the ridiculous names, the program is about watching a variety of species of birds, insects, lizards and frogs in your back garden, and logging your sightings into a database.

I am so there, and if you want to be there too, the link is

So far I've logged the White Cabbage Butterfly, which was helping itself to my Broccoli yesterday.

And the Crested Pigeon, three of which are presently acting out a love triangle under the swings.

Landcare are also doing a Junior Sunflower Challenge - to see who can grow the tallest, biggest Sunflowers.

We've gone a bit Sunflower mad at Chez Nicholas.  The kids helped order several packets of Sunflowers from Diggers the other week and are hotly anticipating their arrival.  We'll be growing some Little Diggers Giant F1 (below), and some Teddy Bear Sunflowers (above).

So, naturally, the thought of a Sunflower challenge was irresistible.   We've signed up for the Sunflower challenge and are excitedly waiting for our challenge seeds to arrive from Landcare.

I have No Idea where I'm going to plant them all.


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Tracy said...

My two daughters have signed up for the sunflower challenge (after entering the pumpkin challenge last year). I think they might really be only trying to compete with each other. Good luck with your sunflowers.