Monday, August 13, 2007

Back from the Conference

Oh it was SO good, I met so many wonderful people and listened to amazing speakers and found out that I am a fabulous writer and spent rather a lot on books and won a raffle (more books) and ate lots and lots of really yummy stuff and gossipped with everyone about everything and compared notes on every subject under the sun and met all these amazing people and it was just great.

Of course I wanted to email all the people that I met, but was too over-excited about it all to remember anyone's names. Can remember key things about them, eg, has TB, had near death experience (cold grey tunnel, fought to come back and did - yes, I got goosebumps too), but no names. Anyone who I met and wants too say hi, pleeeese email me and excuse my sieve like brain.

Oh oh and people bought Running Scared and they wanted signatures, and other people saw me giving signatures like a real author and everyfink...

Still shattered though, and spent entire day cleaning house after three days of mayhem, and only half way there...


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