Thursday, August 23, 2007

Not my week.

It's not been my week. Had news a couple of days ago a dear friend in England died following complications from surgery. Have sent Tim Tams and love and hugs to his wife. What more can I do? I wish there was something. Its horrible grief, it sort of nags at you and follows you around, bubbling up unexpectedly.

I'm trying to write a delicate love scene between my hero and heroine in High Speed, but I can't. The scene is about a rosy future, love, and most of all hope. Grief happens when there is no hope, when its all finished and there's nothing more to look forward to. I keep trying to write this scene, but time and again the hero and heroine look at each other and have nothing to say. They're in the back of a taxi, and no matter how much I push them together, they pull apart and end up staring quietly out the window with a chasm of silence between them.

I think I'll leave them to it.

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