Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'll Stop the Car...

I had three near misses in the car on the way to work this morning. Yes three. It wasn't good and each and every time I'd been distracted from the peak hour traffic by the kids. They've turned into little ferals in the car.

It can't go on. Something must be done. So on the way home this afternoon I instigated stopping the car.

I know.

It took over an hour to get home.

Tantrums were had over...
  1. No chocolate biscuits available

  2. Mummy singing

  3. Bugalugs taking off her shoe

  4. Bugalugs taking off her other shoe

  5. What ever it was that was eaten for lunch today - never actually got to the bottom of this one, suffice to say it was yucky and had us stopping outside a church whose billboard said Life is Short, Eternity isn't - at that moment Life seemed rather long actually, and eternity kind of peaceful.

  6. Mummy asking if anyone had a nice day (nobody cared a bit that Mummy had a long and tiring day and would quite like to listen to the radio and hum along a bit).

Each and every time the tantrums started I stopped the car - after growling I'll stop the car several times (okay at least fifteen), just like my Mother used to.

I have been considering stopping the car and getting out so I don't have to be deafened by the furious shrieks, but don't think that's fair on Bugalugs, who just sits, sucking her thumb and taking it all in for use in future performances.


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Mel said...

lol. This is why I'll never take my kids on a cross country trip unless I have tranquilizers. Otherwise I'd probably sell them to a nice Ohio farmer.

Just playing. But at least once a month I apologize to my mother for all the wrongs I committed while an annoying child. I'm still hoping to reverse the curse of your children being ten times worst then you were.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

LOL! I threaten to put mine on ebay regularly!

My mum had three - I've got two - and on days where I'm barely coping I wonder how on earth she did. Dad was working in the West Indies at that time as well so she was all alone. She's an awesome chick!

Bron said...

Sadly, live animals are a prohibited item on eBay :(

But I have thought of a way around it. Have you seen those Tupperware Mystery Box auctions, where they tell you that you are bidding on a cardboard box and whatever goes inside is a gift from the seller?

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Bron you always have the best ideas!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Bron you always have the best ideas!