Friday, August 17, 2007

Help, stop, I need a minute...

Life is belting along in extreme fast forward at the moment. I'll crabbily admit to being over-wrought, over-tired and just over-everything.

I mean I should be on top of the world, and I am, its just Miss Bugalugs had me up at 4.30am and its been a looong day at work, plus I'm working every spare minute on marketing, promotion, book submissions and actual writing. Its times like these I really need hubby, and true to form he's stepped up to the mark and taken over without turning a hair.

Somewhere in this exhausted haze I'm mighty chuffed. Running Scared has got FOUR blue ribbons from Romance Junkies and a most excellent review. Its up on the website, but I'll put the pertinent bit here as well, just so I can re-read and gloat a bit more.
Caitlyn Nicholas has created a story packed with twists and turns. RUNNING SCARED keeps you guessing until the end. She has created interesting, real characters and the plot raises many social issues as well as being a good read. This book will open many people’s eyes. RUNNING SCARED is a good multi-layered book that has mass appeal - it has something for everyone to enjoy.
I'm also a featured author on Romance Junkies - there's supposed to be a photo there as well, but I, ahem, forgot to send it. I've sent one today so maybe they'll put it up late for me!

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