Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Going to the conference...

Eeeeeeee, just two more sleeps until everyone rocks up to the Sheraton and we commence the Romance Writers of Australia conference.

Am rather excited, and no not just because I get to have a weekend off the kids.

Can't decided what I'm looking forward to most, I think probably meeting everyone, particularly new e-friends and other Samhain authors, but just being there is going to be such fun as well. Cannot wait to meet Jennifer Crusie, she had an awesome post up on her blog just lately, about how her life was pottering along in one direction, and quite suddenly has taken off in another. I can so relate to that.

We writers are a bit of an odd bunch, I think probably because we spend a lot of time thinking about things, it makes us (okay me), prone to saying strange things. Sometimes its nice to hang out with a bunch of people who just understand. I know they all understand me. They all met me last year, even though I was surviving on no sleep and partying on at 10pm after a 3.30am start. (Believe me, I was getting to the point where I was doing Apu from the Simpsons impressions). You've all read my overtired blogposts - you know how bad I can be!

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