Thursday, August 09, 2007

Turbans are back in...

Have been reading shop-till-you-drop magazine. Turbans are back in.

Were they ever out? I hear you ask.

Apparently yes - which'll be news to the housemistress at the boarding school I attended (to be straightened out as an unruly teenager - didn't work). She loved a turban. Bliss her surname was. Bliss. Unsurprisingly she wasn't.
Now I'm not one for the fashion mags, I much prefer the salacious gossip ones. Pictures of stick thin models wearing clothes I could never afford, let alone squeeze my ample buttocks into... okay, okay, too much information... Lets just say that I won't be using my $10 voucher for a mettalic shift dress from some cutsy boutique located in Paddington. I'd much rather be pouring over the trials and tribs of Britters, oh how I'd love to shave my head and attack a car with an umbrella (was it? well an implement of some sort). Not to mention that Lindsey Lohan, shocking. Dr Phil has volunteered to sort HER out, excellent, that'll do marvels for his ratings!
Am about to launch into New Woman Magazine, soon I'll know all about Fish Pedicures (do fish have nails I wonder), and The anti-aging jam (pleeese be raspberry, pleeeese.)

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