Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Beanie-baby, Hubby and I have spent the evening watching the eclipse of the moon. One of the photos I took, the other I lifted off an astronomy website. Guess which is which!

The significance of the 'clipse pretty much passed Beanie-baby by. Hubby had explained to her very seriously exactly what was happening, but when asked where the sun was (in order to cast the shadow on the moon) she just shrugged and said "I dunno!" I've suggested we leave astronomy lessons until she's mastered, well, counting above ten, but Hubby is not convinced.

All Miss Beanie-baby was interested in was that she got to sit on the bonnet of the car and chat with Daddy for an hour.

She's had a busy day, Miss Beanie. Playgroup this morning meant two hours filled with trips to the loo and birthday cake - two of her most favourite things at the moment. Then Nonna and Grandpa popped in to inspect The Hole in the patio. When The Hole looked like it might be garnering more attention that her, she easily upstaged it by attempting to push in Miss Bugalugs.

Grandpa has saved the day and will be arriving on Saturday (post my book signing) with sand and tools to fill in The Hole. This is excellent news. For a nasty moment it looked like Hubby may have attempted the job, and frankly we can't afford hospital bills at the moment. Instead Hubby will hover about on the perimeter, looking useful but not actually doing anything (a forte of his). This way all digits will remain attached, and nearby items (such as clothes on the washing line, or bits of fence) will not be press-ganged as hole fillers.


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