Monday, August 27, 2007

Sinking slowly into the Septic

Hmm, could be a euphamism for my life, but alas is in fact a reference to the entire patio.

The Hole is under the lattice - which is my carefully crafted child-proofing measure. As you can see Miss Bugalugs has been testing it for me.

Its slowly been getting deeper and deeper, so in a moment of madness yesterday we dug it up. My suburb was connected to the sewer about thirteen years ago (according to Louise next door - and beleive me there ain't much Louise doesn't know about our street - she also told me they found a buried car when they dug the hole for our pool - a car!). When the septic was made redundant it was up to the home owner to fill it in and cover over. Only the previous owners did a less than perfect job and now we have The Hole, filled with rubble and water, slowly eating the patio.


Miss Bugalugs is perfectly safe by the way!

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farmer_liz said...

This is what I mean, a funny and interesting post about nothing in particular and I enjoyed reading it.  Keep up the good work :)