Friday, November 16, 2007

Caitlyn Nicholas v. the Multi-National Corporations...

OUR bank, which shall remain nameless, has offered to raise the credit limit on our credit card. To $14,000. Seriously. $14,000. Am still getting over it. We retaliated by ringing up and asking to lower our credit limit. What a kafuffle. They did not take kindly to the limit we requested, as bank policy is $5,000 and no less. We wanted less. We were informed that we had to have a limit of $5,000 and if we didn't like it we should either cut up our credit card or take our business elsewhere.

Mmmmm... I love OUR bank. Am now investigating moving all our accounts.


We are also trying to move phone and internet to a new service provider. Our current provider has retaliated to this news by slowing our connection down to a snails pace. And telstra is making it nice and easy by insisting that they simply cannot talk to Hubby on the phone, no it must be ME. Awww. Sweet. Pity I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Am presently having a fantasy about living in the place below. Just up the train line from us. No power, no running water, and a short swim to the train station, sounds perfect to me...


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Anonymous said...

Oh Cait,
What a beautiful place. It's so scerene.
Banks, my view is the same. Take them or leave them.


Anonymous said...

Ok then, rush rush.
Serene.... lol