Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Divorce Imminent and er Turkeys...

Just under 30,000 words in a fortnight. Am not sure how good those 30,000 words are, but at least they are not Hamster, Hamster, Hamster copied and pasted 10,000 times. (See, I wrote it three times and three... er... times 10,000 is 30,000 so 30,000 Hamsters - I am very tired and my wrists hurt from typing, don't mess with me OKAY).

Hubby keeps suggesting that I copy and paste Hamster, Hamster, Hamster 16666.6667 times (so as to get to 50,000 and yes I did use the calculator to figure that out - wrists, eyes, they all hurt - do not judge me). Anyway I digress.

Hubby keeps suggesting that I copy and paste THAT WORD. Pretty much once a day he mentions it. It wasn't funny the first time. No. I didn't crack a smile then. So you can imagine how I feel about his little joke NOW.

Also, on another matter, is it just me are turkeys the ugliest birds ever. So much so that I don't think I can bear eating one for Christmas. Am feeling quite put off.

Yes, going to bed now. Promise I'll think of something to write here tomorrow and we can put this post behind us.

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Sami said...

How about cutting and pasting 'All work and no play makes Cait a bad girl'. 10 words x 5000 copy and pastes, very effective. I'm considering doing it but hubby already fears I'll one day go mad and start chasing him with an ax.

Rachael Blair said...

Congrats on hitting 30000!