Thursday, November 22, 2007

Very Sick and Blogging about Man Boobs

Oh, am poorly sick. Have a dratted cold and feel like death warmed up. Nano has come to a grinding halt along with life as I know it. AND to add insult to injury, I've taken a couple of days precious annual leave only to spend it languishing in my pit. Buggeritall.

On a brighter note I'm blogging about Man Boobs over on the Samhain Publishing blog. Go. Read. Leave a comment. Make me feel loved.


3 people love me:

Sandie Hudson said...

Cait hope you're feeling beeter soon.
Sandie :)

Jess Dee said...

Oh, poor you!
Feel better soon.

Rachael Blair said...

Get well soon... think I'm succombing to the lurgy too.