Monday, November 12, 2007

Nearly half way there - aaack!

49.5% of the way there, and have finished chapter six. Yes, two hundred and fifty words until I hit the 50% mark but I'm shattered, I've written 2,460 words today and don't have another sentence in me.

Oh, and its got a new name... The Millionaire's Fake Fiancée. Yes its turned into a 'married for the wrong reasons' story. Didn't set out to write it that way, but that's how its turned out.


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Sami Lee said...

I thought you were a plotter Cait? Never surprised by what happens..?

Rachael Blair said...

Ooooh... just the title alone makes me think Sexy! And bestseller!

Jess Dee said...

Half way there? Awesome work, Cait. Well done!!!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

I AM a plotter Sami, am presently looking at my novel plan and thinking WTF! But my novel plan always changes with each chapter as its written - Its not carved in stone. I just need a clear idea where I'm going. Otherwise I repeat stuff.

It takes me several read throughs to remember all the stuff in the book after I've written it, so if I don't have a plan I tend to find my great original new direction was used two chapters ago.


Suzanne Brandyn said...

Great word count Cait, keep it up.
One question: I have heard you have a magic keyboard. Is there a chance you have a spare one? lol
I'm a plotter also. Sometimes my characters go off in a world of their own, and it turns out better than what I expected.
Good Luck