Friday, November 02, 2007

Oh My Lordy, what a morning...

Things have gone from bad to worse this morning. I believe its one of those days where it would have been more advisable to stay in bed.

The small screamies lived up to their name and woke in the foulest moods ever. You have never seen the tears and the tantrums. Miss Bugalugs outdid herself. Face down on the floor, little feet drumming, and howling her little heart out. With Hubby and I standing there promising her the world if she'd calm down. "You can have a biscuit / cuddle / ice cream / new car / iPod..."

Fortunatly she was so far gone that she didn't hear us, though by the time we managed to get her in the car she was asking for biscuits, hmm.

Am shattered after dealing with all that angst. Think I will sit here for a bit and stare vacantly at the weather radar - rain, YAY. After that I might go in search of junk food, and hopefully that will take me through until lunch.


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