Sunday, November 11, 2007

Gardening, not Writing

Managed to squeeze out a surprising 1,700 words today. Surprising because I used up all my plot twists for the rest of the book. Mmmm. Tomorrow is going to be fun.

So spent the rest of the day in the garden.

In a moment of insanity I decided it would be an excellent idea to spread a large amount of cow poo about the place. No doubt it will make my lovely flowers even more lovely, but it had two unforseen side-effects. First that it stank. Second that it attracted every fly for miles and miles. To make matters worse I cooked pan fried whole trout with bacon and garlic for dinner, and unbenownst to me Miss Beanie has learned how to open the back door, and did so, leaving it open.


Every single fly that had been crawling all over the decomposing cow manure took up residence in the kitchen. Lovely.

Pink hydreanga, who said pink and green dont go?

and Geraniums

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Rachael Blair said...

Cait - I think we're in the same predicament. I feel like I've been writing so full on that I'm going to finish what's supposed to be a 50000 word story in 35000 wrods. ARGH!

Cute pic in the post below btw.