Friday, November 30, 2007

Things that have not gone as planned today...

Its been a cranky, rainy, frustrating day.
  • Wanted to do some shopping, but it was tipping down and its a long walk to the shopping centre,
  • Wanted to go for a swim, yes I know you can swim in the rain, but the trip to-from the pool is also a long walk, there was also the random lightning factor to be considered,
  • Traffic a nightmare - its odd, Friday traffic. Nothing in the morning, roads are empty, but then gridlock in the afternoon. Where do all the cars come from??
  • Decided to get a Chinese for tea, restaurant tardy in opening and we had to hang about outside for ten minutes watching the peak hour traffic. Actually its just up the road from the local brothel (and the Police station), so I amused myself wondering why two of the pink curtained rooms above the shops had lights on, and two lights off. Where they in use? What was going on in there...
  • Finally order dinner and spend a happy five minutes inspecting the doomed lopsters in their tanks. Lopsters is what Miss Beanie calls Lobsters,
  • Heavens opened. It poured. Just as dinner was ready. Me and children soaked in the 50m dash to the car. Tossed up between laughing and crying. Decided to laugh,
  • Get everyone belted into car. Cunningly use open boot door as shelter (yes I drive a big 4WD with a huge boot door that opens upwards) and didn't get too wet. Then, just as rain eased decided to dash for drivers seat. Closed boot in the process emptying the ten or so litres of water that'd gathered there down my front. Laughed again, though it had a cackling manic quality that made the children fall silent and stare at me.
  • Credit card bill lurking in post box.
  • No chocolate in house.


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Sandie Hudson said...

Cait I so glab to see you can find humour in you adventure.

Now you have me wondering just what was going on up in those rooms.

Hope you have a great weekend.