Monday, November 19, 2007

Slothing About

Overdid the writing yesterday. 4,100 words, plus steaming Christmas puddings (for eight hours on a thirty degree day), plus a trip to Fruit World (we won a voucher, so I spent it all on fabulous fruit and now have tummy ache from eating too many cherries), plus dealing with Miss Bugalugs coming off worst in an encounter with a bee (I was the one who had to get the sting out of her finger and so she blamed the entire episode on me and wouldn't speak to me for the rest of the day). And today I'm absolutely shattered.

So instead of plugging away at the novel I've been slothing around on the internet, doing research and looking at pictures of cute Red Pandas. I've got around three chapters to go, several nasty inconsistencies in the plot and a hero who vacillates between Zapp Brannigan (right) and Troy Maclure. (left)

But its saveable. There's definitely the kernel of a good story in there, but its going to some time to unearth it from all the blather. At least the heroine has turned out to be feasible - I was quite surprised, didn't think a zookeeper heroine was going to turn out plausible, but she has. Who'd've thunk.

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Rachael Blair said...

Personally, I'm quite happy that you've had a much deserved day of rest! I'm buggared and am truly slowing down...

Sami Lee said...

I've just had a couple of 'days off' as they were my 8hr work days and I was too buggered to do any work at night. I'm trying to start again today but am wasting time imagining your hero resembling Zap Branigan. Ha!

Jess Dee said...

4100 words?
Not too shabby.