Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Damn You Ebay

How... HOW am I supposed to concentrate on long list of Things To Do when am flogging stuff on ebay?

Yes. In a fit of inspiration I placed the unwanted items from my Shelf Of Negativity on Ebay. And guess what, at last refresh they were earning me $180. Uh huh. $180. I'm as stunned as you. I think its poetic justice at work. The auctions end in about twenty minutes or so, and I'm sitting here hitting F5 like a woman possessed. Actually I've got a tension headache and at this rate there'll be a nosebleed before the end of it.

You know some days I do wish I didn't get so stressed out about everything. Actually, most days I wish that. However, am slowly accepting that I only ever take things in my stride with calm competence when under the influence. Drugs or alcohol, either is fine.

Speaking of stressed out, drove to Leichhardt today. Yes, torrential rain and the WORST roads in Sydney. It was bliss. Especially when I was so busy yelling at the bored screamies that I took a wrong turn and extended the entire ordeal by forty minutes by getting completely lost. Yes I had a map. No I never get lost. But today I just couldn't get it together. I'd consult the map, have it in my mind to take next left then right, but then have a panic and take next right instead. It was awful. This is why I never leave the suburbs. I never get lost in the suburbs. Its clear that I'm not designed for the trendy inner-west. Had to give up on map and ring clever Janine who sorted me out in no time. NOT ONLY was I in search of her old house (they moved years ago) BUT ALSO I was about sixty seconds away and had been for a good twenty minutes of panic-stricken block circling.


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